My name is Ariya Hidayat. I live in Mountain View, California.

These days, I promote software craftsmanship, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, and general web technologies. I also write fairly regularly (select posts) and speak at developer events (list of talks) from time to time.

Currently I am working as VP of Engineering at Shape Security. For more info on my professional work, refer to my public LinkedIn profile.

My little spare time is spent running open-source projects:

  • PhantomJS: headless web page automation
  • Esprima: JavaScript parser for building language tools

In the past, I have been involved with FOSS (free/open-source software), contributing code to high-profile projects such as WebKit, KDE, and Qt.

I have a strong academic background, at the same time I am also hands-on and practical. While I was involved in more than two dozens research papers, building a VGA controller and splicing optical fibers do not scare me.

I was born and raised in Indonesia. Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) is my mother tongue. I do have a full professional proficiency in English. I also enjoy conversational German.


My past academic research was on photonics system. I have published over 30 papers.


My name is easily pronounced. The approximate phonetic is /ərˈiːə ˈhɪdəyət/.

Ariya is like Maria but without the initial M.

Hidayat is a sequence of:

  • Hi as in hill without the final l
  • da as in done without the final n
  • yat as in yard without the r at all

Contact Info


Twitter: @ariyahidayat

LinkedIn: in/ariyahidayat