phantomjs2It is been a while since PhantomJS received a facelift. This is about to change, the current master branch is now running the unstable version of PhantomJS 2. Among others, thing brings the fresher Qt 5.3 and its updated QtWebKit module.

Thanks to the hard work of many contributors, in particular @Vitallium and KDAB, PhantomJS 2 is getting close to its final stage. There are still many things to do, from fixing the failing unit tests to running a thorough integration test, but at least the current master branch can be built on Linux, OS X, and Windows already.

A typical user will want to wait until the final release to get the official binaries. However, those who are brave enough to experiment with this bleeding-edge version are welcome to build it from source.

We still do not know when it is going to be ready for the final release, stay tuned and monitor the mailing-list.

With this new major version, we also have an opportunity to review and improve the development workflow. Several topics are already being discussed (feel free to participate, your feedback will be appreciated): removing CoffeeScript support, revamping the test system, searching for a better issue tracker, building a continuous integration system, and last but not least, modularization approach for future distribution. These tasks are far from trivial, any kind of help is always welcomed.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. And expect more rolling updates in the next few weeks!

  • Really exciting stuff! I’m going to try and carve out some time this week to play with v2. Thank you for all your hard work on this project!

  • toom

    I can’t wait, that will be awesome.

  • FYI, the link to ‘a continuous integration system’ points to the CoffeeScript thread.

    • Fixed. Thanks for the notice!

      • gasper

        The link to revamping the test system points to the CoffeeScript thread.

  • Atticus White

    Excited for the .bind support!

  • sveisvei

    Finally, long live phantomjs

  • Stoyan Dimkov

    When will phantomjs 2.0 get stable or closer to release?

  • Jamie Costello

    thank you for all your hard work on this guys. PhantomJS is a seriously cool tool 🙂